Frye Me to the Moon

Sometimes when planning an outfit, one starts with the shoes and works their way up. Be it because of their comfort, color or the fact that they were a dream heel, the shoe can be the outfit’s crown jewel.

25 Nov 2013 (2)

I wouldn’t say that I am fickle. Open-minded would be a better term; my tastes have been known to change. For instance, I used to hate tomatoes. Now I eat them like apples. Avocados used to make me dry heave. Now if I could smear them on my face and trust myself to resist the temptation to scoop some off and into my mouth with a tortilla, I would. I used to think that the Frye harness boots were just plain ugly. They were too rugged for my liking and I did not see being able to incorporate them into my wardrobe. But the sneaky little devils pulled an Urkel and started growing on me the more I saw them.

25 Nov 2013 (24)25 Nov 2013 (23)25 Nov 2013 (22)

I still wasn’t sure enough about them to spend the money, so imagine my delight when I happened upon a dupe at Target. I lovingly dubbed them my “Tryes” and they allowed me to get an idea of the boot’s comfort and versatility. I was sold. I wore those mo’flickers everywhere, with so many things and through multiple seasons until the heel started to wear. So I went for the real deal. Great decision! I now love how rough-and-tumble they are with their thick, worn leather, square toe and chunky heel. And, once the stiff leather is broken in, they are so blasted comfortable! And that harness detail? With the brass ring? How I ever thought these were anything but attractive, I will never know.

25 Nov 2013 (33) 25 Nov 2013 (9)

While it took me quite some time to make a decision about these boots, my sweater was an impulse buy. It was a good one. Black with silver thread, this pullover is a great herald to the holidays. It is thin enough to act as a fun layering piece. And clothing items with casual cuts bearing sheen or sparkle are great for dressing up or down.

25 Nov 2013 (1) 25 Nov 2013 (32)

Tying in the brown of the boot and playing with print and texture mixing, I opted for this leopard print infinity scarf. And, really, any excuse to add in a pop of leopard is hard to resist.

25 Nov 2013 (8)

This bag is U-mazing. With a “U”. I love Mulberry. It is classic and understated and lady-like (with gorgeous things for men, too) and will last until you don’t want it to. I could go on and on. It is the namesake of Alexa Chung. I want to know how to get a bag named after me, but I fear the closest I will come is to lending my name to a bag of chips. I would eat fashuNinja chips, though.

25 Nov 2013 (29)25 Nov 2013 (25)25 Nov 2013 (30)

Anyhoodle, I hemmed and hawed about this purchase, too, but now that I have it I cannot tell you how beautiful it is. Deep chocolate color. The most supple leather. Flawless brass hardware with that sweet little tree embossment. Braided handle detail. Cross-body ready. Beyond roomy. I just can’t. I can’t. It’s too much, I could swoon! Italy and France make a nice bag, but England KILLED it with this one!

By the way, I happened into a Mulberry store yesterday in Frankfurt (as you do) to discover that many of Mulberry’s classic bags are on sale because they have just changed the leather. So now might be a good time to take the plunge if you have been thinking about it for a while.

25 Nov 2013 (11)

Oh, and this coat. This coat I have has for very long time (at least 8 years). Many teddy bears died for this coat and I do not feel the least bit guilty. I remember spying this gem on my way to the checkout line and nabbing it with my greedy little hands. I think its fullness elevates its look. I wear this both causally and to more dressed up affairs. And it is so warm!

25 Nov 2013 (15) 25 Nov 2013 (13)

Sehr gut! I hope you enjoyed spending time with me. Please feel free to comment, leave ideas, ask questions, make requests. Hope everyone had a lovely day! Until next time,

We make do when we forget to shoot the goodbye photo.

We make do when we forget to shoot the goodbye photo.

Peace, Yinz


Shoes – Frye Harness mid-calf

Sweater – Mossimo from Target (old)

Scarf – Border print infinity scarf from the Limited (old); click here for similar

Bag – Oversized Alexa; 1 British pound ~ 1.6 American $. They deliver worldwide. There are stored in San Francisco and NY store, if you want to ask about other available colors because there are several.

Coat – Merona from Target (old)

Slouch ≠ Sloth

Slouchy and oversized used to be how clothes were worn to hide perceived problem areas. In this past year (ack!) I have noticed their being repurposed into focal-point pieces, the way the clothes hang off the body giving a chic but easy-easygoing silhouette. And though it can be successfully worn in a variety of situations, what better way to take advantage of the comfort the look affords than on a day of running errands?

31 Oct 2013 (8)
From the time I spied this sweater on the rack, I knew that this little gem was going to repeatedly be on my body until it was worn into a wardrobe malfunction. Not just a black pullover, it has elements that make it standout to me. Its knit is coated, giving it a slight sheen and almost waxy texture on the outside. The inside if soft (of course), uncoated and luxuriously warm. That little bit of shine broadens its versatility, making it something that can be dressed up. This knit is tight, adding more weight without extra bulk, allowing something potentially boxy to hang nicely. I like the subtle high-low hem, how frames the hips. Which isn’t something I ordinarily consider a plus. But I like the way this sweater does it. When this sweater is hanging on by a few pieces of yarn and some coating, I’ll wrap it around my neck and wear it like a scarf, I love it so much.

31 Oct 2013 (22)
When wearing something oversized, in most cases it is preferable to balance with something that fits closer to the body, be it a true to size long maxi skirt, a cute little mini, leggings or some such. I went with skinny jeans (of course). Well-suited to a day of running around. But imaging the sweater with a slight tuck into the top of the jean, black knee-high riding boots, hair up and dangling earrings. All of a sudden you’re ready for a nice brunch. Now envision the same sweater worn over A-line skirt/dress with a flirty ruffle hem and a party pump. Mayhaps with a cute little collar popping out of the top? Martini-time!

31 Oct 2013 (26) 31 Oct 2013 (25)
I never thought that I would go for preppy little moccasin but I really like the way these look on my foot when I tried them on. Just goes to show that one should try everything on before deciding whether or not they can pull “it” off.

31 Oct 2013 (15)

My necklace, a twisting and knotting of brass, copper and gunmetal, was just to add a little bit of understated bling. Let’s call it blung. And that black rubber band on my wrist is necessary to keep me from chopping all of my hair of in the spontaneous fits of rage to which I am prone when wearing it down.

31 Oct 2013 (17) 31 Oct 2013 (18)
Finally this coat. I love this pea-coat and have had it for years. It is falling apart. I mean, there are buttons missing because I have been putting off going to the tailor and I don’t sew. Or sow, for that matter. The lining looks like it would be better suited to tie around a birthday gift. But I have not been able to find a suitable replacement and so I hang on to this one for dear life. It is warm, it is classic and without extraneous bling (or blung) and it never goes out of style. If anyone knows where to find a simple, classic wool pea coat, please do me a solid and let me know. I suppose, in the meantime, should make a trip to the tailor to have her patched up.

Happy New Year! This outfit is older as I am still playing catch up. Wishing everyone health and happiness. I hope you enjoyed spending time with me. Please feel free to comment, leave ideas, ask questions, make requests. Hope everyone had a lovely day! Until next time,

31 Oct 2013 (4)

Peace, Yinz


Sweater – from Brooklyn Industries (old); click here for similar

Jeans – same old, same old

Shoes – from Tommy Hilfiger (old); click here for similar

Necklace – from Forever 21 (old)

Coat – J Crew (old)

Mean Jean

Oh snaps! This is a quick post to let yinz know that Urban Outfitters is having their every-jean-for-39-dollars sale.  You all know how much I love their high-rise seamed jeans. I have had good success with other styles as well. I find that BDG are really good quality for the price and the fit is amazing, which is why I am more apt to choose them over their more expensive counterparts. So, if you have been thinking about giving them a go, now’s the time. I swear, UO should pay me for how much I talk about these lovelies, but I will consider the fact that they have provided me pants that fit nicely over my bum and spare me from gapping nightmares payment enough. Click here for the link.

Doily Parton

There was a time when I enthusiastically eschewed lace for fear of being mistaken for a tea cozy. I found it to be terribly frumpy and fussy made worse when, in the shape of a behemoth collar, it accented the lifeless Sunday dresses of my youth. I concede that there may have been an element of post-traumatic stress at play. Later on, I did start to notice that in capable hands, lace could make elegant and luxurious garments, but this being almost exclusively in the form of formal wear, I still had no use for the fabric in my wardrobe. Until now.

26 Oct 2013 (5)

This shirt curls my toes! If I had to limit my description of it to one word, it would be ‘darling’. Blessedly, I can expound. First, the cut is quite flattering. Like a moderately fitted tee, it hangs close to the body without being too tight. And those sleeves. Those SLEEVES! They are lightweight and fine and flutter with every movement. Angelic! Not to talk of the lace itself. I love how the underlying pattern is so delicate, almost wispy. This lightness is what prevents the lace from being too stiff. Add to it the heavier symmetrical lace detail on top and at the neckline and hem and you’ve just turned a perfectly amiable guest into the life of the party. Other details that made the shirt a must (that you cannot see with my shoddy camera work in a hotel bathroom) include intermittent and very subtle sequins, blue shoulder pads and an exposed zipper, lined in the same beautiful cobalt. Allow Polyvore and Ebay to show more of the detail I wasn’t able to nab.

Being in Manhattan this day, a city where pushing the envelope is the norm, I chose to rock an exposed bra rather than the camisole I would normally wear under this shirt. Nothing changes lace from frilly to foxy like an exposed bra, don’t you think?

26 Oct 2013 (4)

My skirt is a dress. I am all about finding different ways to wear the same piece of clothing. I like the volume and the shape. A-line silhouettes flatter most frames. I also quite like how the volume is managed by the subtle bustling at this sides. And those huge slouchy pockets? Something about them remind me of military fatigues; it’s not a “pretty” skirt. It’s edgy and was just the thing to balance the femininity of the top.

26 Oct 2013 (6)

Another one of my shrugs, this one I call “Old Faithful” due to its longevity, adds warmth without too much volume. For one more layer of warmth while I made many a long schleck from neighborhood to neighborhood, I threw on this red wool number that I have had for years. I will wear it again just to showcase the different ways that oversized collar can snap into shape. And the colour is very versatile. A black coat would have been fine with this outfit, but the red is such a nice pop. I have gotten so much use out of this baby.

26 Oct 2013 (10)

Finally, some small hoops and a simple watch kept the accessories simple. Save for Alex. There is nothing simple about that bag.

So, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed spending time with me. Please feel free to comment, leave ideas, ask questions, make requests. Hope everyone had a lovely day! Until next time,

26 Oct 2013 (2)

Peace, Yinz.


Blouse – Hidden Hue from Anthropologie (old); click here for similar

Bra – Helmut Lang asymmetric bra

Skirt – cannot recall the label, is from Israel (will update in the near future)

Coat – the Gap (old); click here for similar

Watch – Kate Spade; click here for more details

Earrings – The Limited (old); click here and here for similar

Booties – BDG; click here for more details

Bag – Alexander Wang; click here for more details

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, Redux

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Fashionistas were plotting, considering a blouse,

A skirt or a dress, what to do with their hair,

If to showcase their sweetness or hit ‘em with flair.

pecan bourbon cookies (3) vanilla bean-apricot cookies (6)

The cookies were made, silky fudge setting up.

The stockings were brimming, eggnog filled each cup.

The fire, it winked and it crackled and whizzed

And the tree lights danced, twinkling the loveliest jig.

disco vodka 268

And one fashuNinja stood pondering her clothes,

Eyes squinting, mind focused, finger on her nose.

‘A pantsuit?’ she wondered, ‘Or blazer? A gown?’

‘What of ruffles? Or lace?’ she questioned with a frown.

24 Dec 2013 (5) 24 Dec 2013 (10)

She unearthed a tunic, rich silk, stormy grey

That stayed light as a feather, even donned the whole day.

‘Round the throat, the cowl neckline hung delicately.

And with pockets she knew this dress was just the thing.

24 Dec 2013 (9) 24 Dec 2013 (18)

To fight off the chill, a blue shrug she chose next,

The dark colour enhancing the hue of the dress.

A hem, straight and even, it hung like a coat

And its knit, heavy cotton, garnered her high vote.

24 Dec 2013 (22)24 Dec 2013 (1)

To spruce up the look and showcase her midriff,

A gold studded black leather belt was a gift.

Wrapped twice ‘round the waist, ‘twas an interesting edge

To an outfit that would have been simple instead.

24 Dec 2013

From her neck fabricated from fragile blown glass

Hung the galaxy shrunk to a manageable mass.

With a blue just too dark and too deep to describe

It enriched the illusion of star laden skies.

24 Dec 2013 (21) 24 Dec 2013 (20)

Black opaque tights into black opaque boots

Seemed to lengthen the leg and to shorten the hooves.

Finally, gold tone time piece complimented the belt

And she ended it there, the look spoke for itself.

wedding day cheers

So, pleased with her choice, she was ready to spend

The rest of her evening with family and friends.

Partaking in feasts, melodizing chorales,

Exchanging the gifts, all the while full of smiles.

24 Dec 2013 (13)

But before she could let the festivities begin

She sent off a wish to her friends on the Web.

With her hands in the shape of a peace sign she cried:

‘Merry Christmas to Yinz and to Yinz a good night!”

**For Ross. Coffee will never taste the same without you.


Tunic – Fei from Anthropologie (old); click here for similar and here for super cute

Shrug – Boreaux Los Angeles from Anthropologie (old)

Necklace – a gift

Booties – Ecote, from Urban Outfitters; click here for more details

Bag – Shiraleah from a small boutique (website currently under maintenance)

Watch – DKNY, click here for more details

Teal Magnolia

I find that a jumpsuit is one of those things that people either love or hate. Those who love them do for their sleek silhouette and their versatility. Those who hate them do for their top-to-bottom swathing in the same color or print and their tendency to transform the lady bits into a dromedary’s hoof. I fall into the former category. Well placed accessories and layering pieces can break up a continuous pattern and careful choice of size, cut and fit can eliminate any unseemly lines.

Taken in a NYC hotel bathroom. A girl's gotta do...

Taken in a NYC hotel bathroom. A girl’s gotta do…

Enter my jumpsuit that, like a hidden puppeteer, makes me stomp and swish like the world is my runway. This is the second I have ever owned, the first being a skin-tight black cat suit I wore while in university. I don’t want to talk about it. I’ve since avoided them resolutely due to my body shape. The same issue that causes gapping at the waist in pants caused a complete loss in the curve of my back when the jumpsuit was roomy enough for my lower half. Opt for a size down to accommodate my waist and the suit would pull and tug in ways that made me walk funny. But when I saw this one, with its stunning color and draping fabric, I had to give it a go.

25 Oct 2013 (12)25 Oct 2013 (7)

Nike! It was cut with plenty of room between the legs, tapered at the waist and had ample room for the rear. There was, admittedly, the tiniest bit of gapping at the back but not so much that it could not be easily corrected with a belt.

25 Oct 2013 (9)

And that deep “V” in the back? Where is Justin Timberlake ‘cause sexy is being brought! I think many of my brassiere dependent cohorts would have seen it and written it off, assuming it fit only for our smaller-chested sisters. But not me. Every once in a while I see something backless as an opportunity to frame a sneak peek of a pretty bra. A little black lace never hurt anybody! The neckline is also a deeper “V”, with which I prefer to wear bras that do not push the girls together. No need to deploy the airbags and cause an accident! And the wider straps mean I don’t have to bear a strapless bra, praises be! I love the wide leg. Definitely dresses up the jumpsuit, mimicking a nice pair of trousers. And I haven’t even gotten to the color! A show-stopping teal that pops on all skin types.

25 Oct 2013 (15)

Here’s a rule of thumb. A jewel tone will almost always pair well with a metallic, especially gold. Emerald, ruby, turquoise, aquamarine—pair any of these with the old Au and you’ll be sure to have a winner. This gold belt is a dream in and of itself but it positively zings paired with the teal. And I don’t need to say much about cinching oneself at the waist—its utility is fairly written in stone.

25 Oct 2013 (6)25 Oct 2013 (17)

To protect my exposed upper half from the nip in the air, I went for this black woolly shrug. I wear this thing over and over because it lends itself to being dressed up or down. I hesitate to talk about how soft it is because I’m starting to sound as if I have some kind of fetish in these posts. But if my body hair grew in this downy I would petition to shut down Gillette. It is amazing.

25 Oct 2013 (14)25 Oct 2013 (22)25 Oct 2013 (20)

I found my earrings interesting because they are one piece that you thread through your ear. Sleek and simple, I felt they continued the theme of the look. My little bag – remember my penchant for kiss locks?– I have had it for nearly 2 decades and will love it for the rest of our lives. Its blue melds well with that in the jumpsuit and the chain is long enough that I can wear it comfortably under my arm. The gold in the sandals was the final cohesive touch.

Okey dokey! I hope you enjoyed spending time with me. Please feel free to comment, leave ideas, ask questions, make requests. Hope everyone had a lovely day! Until next time,

25 Oct 2013 (3)

Peace, Yinz.


Jumpsuit – BCBG Camellia jumpsuit (no longer available); click here for similar and here for wow

Shrug – shaggy shrug drape cardigan; I cannot believe this is still available. I got this a while ago. GET IT!

Belt – from BCBG (old); click here for similar (I can’t make it speak English!)

Earrings – cannot remember

Bag – The Gap (old)

Shoes – from Coach, click here for more info

Roars and Stripes

Before I begin, let me apologize for the hiatus. It’s not that I don’t have anything to share, it’s that I haven’t had a clue how to share it. Have other bloggers suffered this? Total writer’s block? I don’t know how novelists do it. I have been staring at the same picture for a week and am drawing nothing but blanks. Not anything to do with the outfit, just because I can’t think of anything remotely interesting to say. So, I have decided to just bang something out. Forgive me if it’s gibberish. Hopefully, with the help of some matcha and a couple robust dance sessions, I’ll reclaim my mojo.

On days when the wind is nipping at our noses and the sun has begun its hibernation, I will often take the fact that layering is no longer an option as an opportunity to play with mixed prints and pops of color. I figure, I can’t easily play outside, I may as well with clothes. I have been known to have my “thing”, in the past. Went through some phases, if you will. At one point, headscarves were an integral part of my outfit, cute little vibrant, triangular bundles of joy that they were. I would wear them on my head, tied to my upper arm or around my neck.  I also spent had a past penchant for belly chains. You heard me. And ankle bracelets. My latest fancy seems to be shrugs. This one has hung on for years. They are perfect when you just need a little something to stay the cold without burying a carefully chosen outfit in down and wool. They are supremely versatile ( I will showcase the different ways I wear these in future posts), are extremely comfortable and are uniformly flattering. What else, other than some distorted profiles on online dating websites, can boast such stats? Never mind the sheer number of textures and shades available. This phase is a keeper!

22 Oct 2013 (3)

I LOVE this one. Thicker and weighty, it hangs beautifully and stays put. And I adore the length. Something about it being past the knee makes it more — gosh, I don’t know — cool, somehow. Funky. As for this debate about whether or not a horizontal stripe adds mass, I have always tended to disagree. I agree that clothes can manipulate, can be used to camouflage, accentuate and change the eye’s focus. But with how vehemently I have heard argued that horizontal stripes widen the frame, you’d think the Hamburglar, himself, was staring at you through the pages of this blog squawking about fashion. Do I look like the Hamburglar?

22 Oct 2013 (2)

I don’t believe that this pattern is something anyone need shy away from, but if you are nervous, something like a shrug that is open down the middle — breaking up the pattern — and that hangs more toward the center than at the sides — creating a chevron-esque pattern– may be a way to begin experimenting.

22 Oct 2013 (4) 22 Oct 2013 (11)

The sunshine yellow in this scarf just tickles me, it is so vivid. Nothing like a pop of sunshine to brighten the mood. And I love the size of this piece. It is a very lightweight infinity scarf but with a lot of fabric, so there is a good amount of volume. Because of its lightness and its color, I can wear (have worn) this during all seasons. When it gets hot in the summer, I will usually let it hang as one long loop from my neck. And who doesn’t love leopard print? I can’t imagine. I love it when it more resembles the color more readily found in nature and I love it when the colors deviate from the original. Mayhaps because of the sleekness of the animal whose coat it mimicks, I find it to be such a sexy print, even if the article itself it not inherently so. I may not be able to take down a gazelle in the Serengeti, but I will look fierce taking down a panini in a café wearing this motif.

22 Oct 2013 (8)

My very soft shirt is the grey version of the black one I have already featured (here). From the exposed zipper to the way it feels, from the way it hangs to its ease of use as a layering piece, this shirt makes me wish you could befriend inanimate objects without public scorn. My only regret is retraining myself to two colors. Sadness.

My boots, talked about here, are still a favorite and should still be worn in small stints or post toe amputation. But I love them and I felt that, without being matchy-matchy, they tied in the lighter brown in the scarf.

Well, call me Stella ’cause I think I just got my groove back. I hope. Anyhoodle, I hope you enjoyed spending time with me. Please feel free to comment, leave ideas, ask questions, make requests. Hope everyone had a lovely day! Until next time,

I swear, I'm happy to be here.

I swear, I’m happy to be here.

Peace, Yinz.


Shrug – Veronica M from Anthropologie (old); click here for similar and here for cool alternative

Scarf – from Forever21 (old); more leopard infinity scarves than I could shake a stick at, none quite this color I could find

Shirt – Silence + Noise Oversized tee from Urban Outfitter (no longer available); click here for similar

Jeans – same old, same old

Boots – from Old Navy (no longer available); click here  for the ones that will replace them once I can shop again, even if I have to snatch them off someone’s foot. Kidding. Sort of.

Fred Said What?

I suppose everyone says this about their generation but, in my opinion, the 80s and 90s were THE time for music. A time when snappy one-hit-wonders ruled the airwaves,  jewel cases came with song lyrics, MTV actually meant actually meant Music Television, and Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna– well, they just were. If you read my post about nostalgia, you already have some insight into my readily attaching memories to things. Which is why when I read the lyrics printed on this tee and was immediately transported to high school (roughly the beginning of secondary school for some of you) I had no choice — no choice– but to bring it home.

21 Oct 2013 (9)

“I’m Too Sexy.” For those of you who have not had the pleasure of this song and video, please enjoy. I loved everything about the sentiment. I spent a large part of my youth being bullied for my appearance, for the way I dressed, for the way I spoke, you name it. Add to that never seeing anyone who looked like me used as a representation of beauty and you had a recipe for very low self-esteem. (Note: please don’t fret. I have since “found myself” and would even venture to say that my pendulum has swung, decidedly, to not giving much more than a fart in a high wind about negativity aimed towards me).

21 Oct 2013 (6)

But whilst struggling to get there, this song was more than a mantra, it was a goal. To me, this song said that it was OK to declare that you were beautiful and that you were just too good for some things the world offered you. And that as ridiculous as others may perceive that philosophy– as ridiculous as this song kind of was– in the end it was your opinion of yourself that mattered. Now, I am not sure that this is what Right Said Fred intended, and I don’t know that they imagined that this song helped trigger the transformation of a teenaged girl, but when it came on and my hooves started moving, I felt awesome! Hence, the shirt.

21 Oct 2013 (23)

It has other pleasing features, like being slit on both sides in such a way that it falls nicely on the frame. And it is long, hitting my upper thigh, but has a curved hem so that when I do wear it untucked it has some shape and doesn’t appear unkempt.

These pants make me feel like I am lazing about in a the loveliest azur lagoon. Though, not knowing how to swim, this is probably not the best analogy. Suffice it to say that these are the most comfortable pants in the most luxurious blue. Polyester-blend (say what?) with a bit of stretch and an elasticated waist, I have found myself reaching for these lovelies for everything from a lunch date (appropriate) to a forest hike (inappropriate). The color lends itself to being dressed up despite the casual ease of the cut. One of my favorite ways to wear them lately is tight-rolled (90’s overload) to just above some ankle boots, giving them a shape akin to those track pants that are everywhere at the moment.

21 Oct 2013 (19)

You would think that I had been tasked, via a self-destructing envelope, to brave all four corners of the Earth to find a black crew neck cardigan, difficult as it was to locate this piece. I had one from JCrew for years — easily 10 — that I wore until its seams were separating and it had more pilled more than a pharmacy. But I continued wearing it until I somehow ran its dry clean only wool through the washer and dryer and shrank it. After stubbornly trying for 30 min to stretch it back into my size, I gave up and intensified my hunt. Completely worth it. A black crew neck cardigan is a staple for me, like the LBD, a black shoulder bag and all shoes. And I love the sweet little buttons trimmed in silver that add a touch of interest.

21 Oct 2013 (16) 21 Oct 2013 (15)

Love the combination of this blue and the leopard. Not sure which one of these is the “pop”. I also quite like how they tie in with the polka dots in the shirt. And the tassels are just precious.

21 Oct 2013 (7) 21 Oct 2013 (4)

Finally, I thought this laid back outfit needed a laid back bag, so I went with this little number with chunky gold hardware. It looks small, but it had loads of room for all my whoozits and whatnots. The chain is my favorite part. Always have to have just that touch of edge somewhere, you know, because of my attitude problem.

21 Oct 2013 (22) 21 Oct 2013

Accessories were few, but included this cute little pair of dusty rose pyramid studs and a bracelet dotted with the same shape studs, but in gold.

Roll credit!  I hope you enjoyed spending time with me. Please feel free to comment, leave ideas, ask questions, make requests. Until next time,

21 Oct 2013 (5)

Peace, Yinz.


Shirt – I’m Too Sexy hi-lo tee; Mango Jeans (got in Turkey, cannot find online)

Pants – cannot recall name of pant (no longer available) by Babaton from Aritzia; click here and here for similar

Cardigan – Banana Republic (no longer available); click here and here for similar

Shoes – Steve Madden, from Nordstrom (no longer available); click here and here for similar and here for fabulous

Bag – Kenneth Cole (old)

Earrings – Old Navy (jewelry not shown online); click here for similar and here for lust-inducing

Bracelet – I think this was a gift

Hustle and Bustle

Bustles were wildly popular in the Victorian era when they, like corsets later, were used to accentuate those delicious parts of a woman that would have been too salacious to expose in public. Nowadays, the bustle marks the transition from a walk down the aisle to busted moves on a dance floor, serving to bundle up the length of a wedding gown and prevent the entrapment of feet in satin and tulle that, in combination with the requisite alcohol, would certainly lead to a chipped tooth and hurt feelings. Hardly seductive. I think bustles are underutilized. They are like a volumizing shampoo for a dress, giving some depth and drama to a piece that would otherwise lay flat. Not to say that I want to appear to be smuggling a sack of rice in my rear, but I think used in the right way, the bustle can turn a been-there-done-that dress into a wow piece.

20 Oct 2013b (12)

Enter my sleeveless, dress that I could just twist around a fork and serve with marinara. I mean, isn’t it just the most?! That hemline just grabs the eye, doesn’t it? Like it’s searching for the cord to makes those drapes creep up just a little bit higher. But despite that little bit of sexy, it just a very pretty silhouette, well suited for all occasions. I have worn this dress with a high bun, statement jewelry and no-nonsense pumps for an event. I have worn it with simple studs and flip-flops for running about town. Such versatility.

20 Oct 2013b (11) 20 Oct 2013b (9)

Had I been thinking clearly, I would have shown you the other elements of this dress that make it special. But, as I am still a baby blogger and have not yet mastered the art of this, I will just tell you about them. Like the ties sewn into the sides that I have crisscrossed around the front and tied in the back. And the fact that you can actually let out the bustle for a straight flowing gown that isn’t drama, but is still beautiful. And the fact that when you spin, the dress gets caught up in the most satisfying twirl.

I love the color white. It is so beautiful and I love the contrast on my skin. What I do not love, however, is my knack for covering it in food I don’t even recall eating. So as much as I admire the hue, I tend to pass it up. That was not an option for this blazer. With its oversized boyfriend cut, I was smitten with the way it hung on me. This is another one of this pieces that can be dressed up or down because it is so simple. No dramatic shoulder, no gathering at the waist, no pattern and no ornate buttons. A blank canvas, if you will. And I will!

20 Oct 2013b (15)

These shoes are very special to me. I got them while on a trip to SFO at the Diesel StyleLab before this concept was absorbed into the rest of the Diesel brand. The Lab was an experimental line with only a very few of each piece made. I have in my head that I was told that there were only 20 of this shoe made in the world, but this sounds insane to me. She must have said “in the country.” Anyhoodle, she could have said they were one of 20 made that day and I still would have been a woman obsessed. I hemmed and hawed but eventually broke down (within about 2 hours of walking around SFO) and was subsequently invited to a StyleLab party that I later learned was attended by Britney Spears. I, needing to work double overtime to pay off the shoes, was unable to attend.

20 Oct 2013b (14)

I am not one to hold more expensive items hostage in my closet, but it did take a lot for me to wear these beauties out. And do you know what happened the first time I did? Do you see that small scuff on the toe of the right shoe? One of my tipsy acquaintances stepped on it! Now, I am not violent person but I may or may not have punch him soundly in the back of the knee, saving them from further damage. What’s not to love about this shoes? The distressed burgundy, called “Schrunken Red” is stunning. The brass studs and grommets are edgy. The ankle strap and point of the toe add sophistication. And the tassels — the way they drag on the floor while walking — they just ooze this attitude of being too fabulous to care how fabulous you are.

20 Oct 2013b (31)

My accessories are pretty simple. A faux leather crocodile embossed bag. I am a sucker for bags that open this way. What is it called? With the hinges in the middle? I trust one of you will be able to help me out. But it is such an interesting detail, rather than a clutch that flips or zips open.

20 Oct 2013b (20) 20 Oct 2013b (29) 20 Oct 2013b (26)

A rose gold and crystal cuff and a rose gold knuckle ring round out the arm and hand candy. And my earrings, brushed gold with glass beads in the same color family as the dress, also tie in the gold tone in the bag and the worn metal of the shoes.

Any questions? ‘Cause that was a long one! See what happens when I don’t blog for a while? I hope you enjoyed spending time with me. Please feel free to comment, leave ideas, ask questions, make requests. Until next time,

20 Oct 2013b (27)

Peace, Yinz.


Dress – No tag, so no idea (no longer available). 😦 From Folly (do yourself a favor an check this designer’s store out. Also has a FB page); click here for a cool take on a bustle

Blazer – Tildon, from Nordstrom (no longer available); click here for similar

Shoes – Diesel StyleLab Gillan (old, no longer available)

Bag – Stella & Max faux leather clutch, from Marshalls/TJ Maxx; click here for similar

Cuff – The Limited (no longer available)

Ring – from Sloan boutique, click here for more info

Earrings – The Limited (old)

On the Grid

I am back from what has been the most adventure filled trip of my life. We trekked through Vietnam from north to south, starting in Hanoi and ending on Saigon. As this is a fashion, rather than a travel blog (which, incidentally, I am strongly considering starting), I will not devote too much space to it here. But in case some of you are interested in what I have been up to for the past 3 weeks, I will leave you with this snippet. We dodged the effects of the typhoon Haiyan that devastated the Philippines, waded through unbelievable flooding that claimed its own victims in Vietnam, beat paths through the unkempt brush of a beautifully wild rainforest, rope-climbed and scrambled over slick boulders, I losing my footing once and almost falling into the depths below, mourned the cruelties liberally meted out during a bewildering war, ate some of the best food I’ve ever had, ate some of the strangest food I’ve ever had, strolled along gorgeous beaches, imbedded ourselves in the ruckus of a floating market, visited overwhelmingly ornate imperial tombs, pulled leeches off each our bodies, imbibed satisfying spirits on a rooftop while watching nightlife unfold below, traversing the country by foot, motorbike, boat/canoe, bus and train. It was an experience I feel to blessed to have had and Vietnam — how do I say it– blew my hair clean back.

Fashion posting will resume this week, but I leave you now with a small sampling of photos below. I was able to stalk some of your blogs while overseas, but as my internet access was rare, so was my communication. Hope you had a great few weeks! See you soon!

– fashuNinja

20131104_102041 20131104_163805

a) Juxtaposition, b) Anyone else need a ride?

20131105_100027 20131105_115442

a) The world is much clearer seen through the eyes of a Vietnamese iced coffee with sweet milk, b) Ngon! Translation: Yum!

20131110_115043 20131112_124400

a) No color enhancement was use in this photo. I think my camera would have spontaneously combusted. Flower Hmong, Bac Ha market, b) Warriors, imperial tomb, Huế

20131113_130505 20131113_163823

a) Rainforest. Thoroughly lived up to this. Bach Ma national park, b) Leech sequela. Still considering setting my skin on fire, just to make sure

20131114_195521 20131118_062348

a) Floating lantern, Hoi An, b) Seeing red at the Cai Rang floating market, Mekong Delta

20131118_190732 20131121_150917

a) Striking beauty ripe for the clicking, on a stroll through Can Tho, b) Happiest Buddha

20131104_104953 20131106_174009_LLS

a) Regardless of your mode of transportation, the only traffic rule is “don’t stop”, b) Goodnight moon. Ha Long Bay

20131105_124040 20131122_123855

a) Save for several minutes of picking exoskeleton out of my teeth, silkworm wasn’t that bad, b) I suppose I should include one fashion element. This is what happens to a $10 bag after 3 weeks of heat, humidity and rain.